Zira’s Now available

Posted by Paul in Zira on June 23rd, 2013 |  Comments Off

I’ve tested and setup the next batch of Zira synths, I’ve got one that needs some TLC, but there are 19 ready to go.

19 Ziras

I’ve listed the red ones separately, so you have a choice, but remember there are only 4 red ones!

The cost is the same as before, £250 plus Postage and Packaging to your country (£12 for UK, £17 for EU, £20 for the rest of the world). Postage includes insurance and tracking number.

You can buy them now from the Order webpage here - http://vacoloco.net/order.shtml

Ziras have landed!

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This makes me a very happy person..

Assembled Ziras fresh from the factory

20 brand new, fully assembled, shiny Ziras. I just have to test them and set them up then they’ll go on line.

we’ve tried something new, we’ve got four Ziras in a transparent red perspex. These will be available on a first come first serve basis when they go on sale.

Clear and Red Zira


Zira, nearly here

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Just had notification that a big box of goodies shipped today, yup the assembled Zira‘s are on their way!
They should be here this week, I’ll test them this weekend and they’ll go on sale Monday. IMG_1652

VacoLoco joins Tumblr

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We’ve now joined Tumblr - http://vacoloco.tumblr.com/

We’ll be using this to post pictures of projects that are in development or that are about to hit the streets.

So you can expect more with regards the release of the Zira monosynth and GorF-XL step sequencer in the coming weeks.

Vacoloco Logo

GorF-XL Update

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The PCBs for GorF-XL are in, I’ve done a few tests and they ‘beep out’ fine. Which means the inner layers are there! Next step, building one and testing it.

GorF-XL PCBs (4 layer) ready to be tested and assembled.

GorF-XL update

Posted by Paul in GorF on May 29th, 2013 |  1 Comment »

Well, things are moving on. Beta testing is almost at an end and we’ve got revised hardware (improved screening and no mod wires needed), so I’ve just ordered the first 4 layer PCBs for the first 25 GorF-XLs and started getting prices for the remainder of the parts.

Once we’ve sold a few Zira’s we can buy the parts we need and begin assembling the GorF-XLs.

We’re still investigating options for cases for the desktop version, but rest assured it’ll look as stunning as it is inspiring in use. We’ll have pictures and news/specs in the very near future.

IMG_0608(Modular version)


Zira Update

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The Zira cases are being cut/made this week, which means we should receive the first batch of Ziras in the middle of June. We’re sorry about the delay, I’m pleased to say we’ve learned from this and future products shouldn’t be delayed by the same problem.


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We’ve installed the “bandpage” app on the VacoLoco facebook page, this lets you see demo videos and hear demo music/sounds from the things we make from within Facebook. So why not take a peek, have a listen and like the page whilst you’re there.

SPI problems, fixed

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After a bit of digging and quite a bit of suggestions and advice from people (thanks guys it was all helpful stuff), I found the problem.

Basically the chip I use (an Atmel AVR) has a number of interrupts, and they have a ‘priority’, what was happening is that the timer interrupt would sometimes start and then an SPI receive would complete, now with an AVR when an interrupt is being serviced, all the others are suspended. This resulted in the SPI receive interrupt (which has a lower priority than the timer) from being ‘missed’, or even late.

This highlights the need for me to make my timer function a LOT shorter. The picture below shows the Timer 1 firing between the 2nd and 3rd byte being received, and finishing after. It also shows my “fix” (the 3rd byte is received this time.

Fixed SPI

SPI problems

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I’m having a small problem with receiving SPI. this is the comms between two AVRs, identical settings for the SPI bus with the exception that one is set as a slave and one as a master. I send four bytes, 90% of the time it works perfectly and the timing looks like this, the “LED1″ pin I bring high when the SPI Receive interrupt is triggered and I clear it at the end of the interrupt. -

SPI Good

10% of the time it ‘misses’ receiving all four bytes, looks like somehow the SPI receive interupt isn’t always being triggered.


Anyone got any idea where to start looking? I’m perplexed.