Risa Guitar – PartII

Well, I’ve been playing with it for over a week and I’m still having fun with it.

This is my first guiitar in over 20 years, so maybe it’s just me or the hot weather (England is having a major heatwave at the moment) but it does seem to drift out of tune easily, it could also be that it’s new and has new strings.. Only time will tel, so, I’ll post more once the heat has died down and I’ve had it for a while.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the start of a tune, featuring myself on Bass (My Zoot which just had a new neck fitted) and Guitar (the Risa-solid) and my trusty ES1 on drums. Recorded into my VS2480 with various effects added. I need to add some guitar in the chorus, but I need to work out how to play the chords first :-)
So without further ado, here’s a work in progress called – Q’s here

I’d appreciate any comments, good or bad, though try to be gentle :-)

2 Responses to “Risa Guitar – PartII”

  1. bobby Bee Says:

    Excellent Work ! ! !

    I like the “groove” and timbral complexity!

    I am intrigued by such instrments as the Risa. (i.e.) instruments that are portable and (or) do not require a conventional “sound box.”

    I have recently ran across others in a similar “vein” that you or your readers may (or not) find interesting: I am not commercially affiliated with them in anyway.

    Harmos MATRAX (electric guitar)

    String Instrument Family

    Acoustic or Amplified
    (has a very small sound box or resonator)

    (portable-similar to some earlier baroque instruments in timbre)
    Bamboo Xaphoon

    There are some others out there I know of but have not found the links yet.

    Thanks for the demo (two thumbs up!!!)… bb :^}

  2. Paul Says:


    Thanks for the links, I saw the MATRAX one, strange looking beasty that..
    I’ve long been interested in the ‘small’ upright (sometimes called ‘electric upright bass or ‘EUB’ ) but I’ve not been able to afford one. I did borow a friends double bass, and if it wasn’t for the size of it I’d love to spend more time with them.
    A company called ‘Dean’ are making a low priced range called ‘pace’ which looks promising, though I do fancy one of the Ned Steinberger (http://www.nedsteinberger.com/instruments/bass/basscr-eu.html) basses.