Defender Panel

Defender LED/Switch PCBWell, I’ve managed to get the LED matrix working and the switch matrix working today.

The switches and LEDs are scanned at 1Khz (actually there’s 24 columns scanned at 24khz). The LEDs are bright enough with a duty cycle of 1 in 24.

The picture is of one of the front panel PCBs, the majority of this one is for LFO-1′s control and routing. You can see I’ve used strip-board for it, I spaced all the knobs, switches and LEDson a 2.54mm gri, so everything lines up perfectly with the holes on this stuff. You can also see the 10mm stand-offs I’ve glued on to hold the boards in place. These have been glue gunned to the PCB and when ready to be assembled they’ll be Araldited to the panel, so they shouldn’t fall off.

Now that’s done I can get the other boards wired up and hooked up to the control logic. The task after that is scanning the 32 knobs, which shouldn’t be difficult and from there, Switch debounce and filtering of the ADC inputs.

The Final part of electronics work will be to get the panel talking to the main control board and then the voice board.

After that it’s the case, and that’s a whole new ball game!

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