Defender Panel (update)

knobs and wiresHow I miss soldering, not! Actually, it’s kind of theraputic.

The panel for defender arrived earlier this week and I’ve mounted the potentiometers and begun soldering wires.

Each pot now has it’s 0V and +5v supply rail, Next I’ll be mounting the LEDs and switches onto strip board and the panel.

I’ve got some stand-off’s coming from Rapid Electronics to help mount the PCBs properly, so I can’t do much more until they arrive next week, but it’s nice to see things coming together.

More Pictures – 31st August

Switches and LEDs

As you can see, it uses the same switches as I used on the earlier version. Though this time they’re green, as are the LEDs. Blue LEDs are so 1999 :-)

2 Responses to “Defender Panel (update)”

  1. desordenado Says:

    I like those switches with LED you use, well, I like the whole project. Where do you get the switches from?

  2. Paul Says:


    They’re available from two places in the UK.

    Rapid electronics –

    and also RJS Electronics -

    They seem quite easy to get hold of, so I expect that places like digikey also stock them, and I expect many electronic part retailers arund the world also.