New Toy

Yesterday (Friday) I got a new toy, it’s a Risa-Music Guitar Solid.

Risa 'Guitar Solid'

Now, I haven’t played guitar in a *long* time (> 20 years) and then I was only ‘noodling’ with a friends fathers guitar, so my experience with guitars is somewhat limited, but I’ve got a few years Bass experience.

So, what’s it like?

Firstly, it’s very well built and beautifully finished. The lines are clean and simple. It’s also *incredibly* light. It comes with a bag, and the strap for the bag doubles as the strap for the guitar (nice idea). You plug the lead in via the strap-bolt at the bottom of the guitar.

It’s got a full sized fret board and regular guitar strings. The pickups are active piezo, made by a company called Shadow. You get a Tone control and volume control, simple (how I like things).

Rigk (the guy who builds these) has put a lot of thought, time and love into this instrument. He’s also a nice guy to exchange emails with.

Sound wise, it sounds fine, again I’m no expert but it sounds just like I’d expect an electric guitar to sound. It certainly drives my effects boxes fine, and sounds great (well, it would if I could play the correct notes!).

I’ll certainly be playing with this for quite a while. I can take it to work and practice in my lunchtimes, because it’s so portable, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this with a regular guitar.

In short, if you want a well made, small, portable, simple guitar, this is it..

I’ll put some samples up once I can play more than two chords ;-)

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