Synth DIY UK 2008

Synth DIY UK 2008Well, Another Synth DIY UK meeting has been and gone. This year was a bit more low key than previous years and we had fewer people, but the caliber of the items being shown was far from low key.

We had a superb mix of analogue and digital technologies and some new exhibitors. Plus the usual suspects. There was also the usual copious amounts of curry and beer involved!

Exhibitors this year included :-

  • Paul with a 3 row Oakley/MOTM system,
  • Keith with a Moog ladder filter module which he had restored and modified,
  • Finlay with a circuit bent TR-505,
  • Alan with his ETI 4600 and EMS Synthi A,
  • Tim with his Doepfer system and custom modules,
  • Chris was showing off the FPGA polysynth,
  • Pete bought his Monome,
  • George bought his XL8 polysynth project,
  • Martin Brought his USB/Bluetooth digital glove,
  • Richard brought his modified Jupiter 4 and CS50,
  • Seb’s quad flanger and
  • yours truly with Phoenix.

I was really pleased to see more digital items, the FPGA polysynth which sounded great, the Monome which looks like hours of fun and the USB/bluetooth glove controller. I also enjoyed the work that George had done with miniaturizing the SSM2040 filter clone and fitting it in such a small space!

We had surprise visits from the guys at Sonicstate (who made lots of videos) and Mr Matrix Synth himself.

Thanks to everyone who came along, either just came to look/tinker or to demonstrate their latest gadget/gizmo. I would especially like to thank Neil and Yulia Johnson for organising the rooms and breakfast!

We’re planning a bigger, better publicized event next year and we hope to see lots of new faces and new toys to play with! And as next year is the 10th anniversary of Synth DIY UK meetings we’re planning on doing something special, if you have suggestions for what you’d like, then please add a comment.

You can find pictures on these pages -

4 Responses to “Synth DIY UK 2008”

  1. RobS Says:

    Hi Paul – I stumbled across Synth DIY UK a couple of days ago and it popped up in monome forum too. Real shame – if I’d seen it earlier I would have come along..!
    Been into electronic music for donkeys years and now monome – I post as oldanalogger on their community.
    Do you have meets between annual events? I live in Worcs so I’ll try to checkout your band too. Not here on 24 Aug tho’ – hols.!
    Wait to hear..


  2. Ben Says:

    This looks totally rad! Iv just moved to cambridge and I was wondering if there was an synth lovers out there, and there is! I been meaning to find some people to bounce some questions off and get involved with some sort of sceen. can anyone throw me their email?
    Cheers, Ben

  3. Paul Says:


    There are quite a few SDIYers in and around cambridge, not least of all Neil Johnson.
    If you want to get in touch with them and many others, join the Synth DIY mailing list –

    Look forward to seeing you at next years SDIY.


  4. Michael Says:

    Hi Paul – the new link for the gallery pages is
    Michael. :-)