The gear pile has shrunk even more

Gear pile - April 2008Well The gear pile is now at an all time low, at least in quantity.

Left is a picture of my current gear pile, this includes a no-name 5 octave midi controller, starfield preamp, starfield power amp, ashdown mag 300, asdown 210T cab, homebrew bass, Fender Aerodyne bass, Variax 700 Electric guitar, Phonic Helix Board 18 MkII and ESI-32.

Aside from this, I also have a small set of mic’s and various bits I use when recording. The Phonic Helix Board 18 was the lates aquisition, I missed recording with the VS too much. The Phonic has firewire in/out and allows me to record 14 tracks (it has 14 inputs) and a stereo mix. It’s also got some nice features in that I make the signal going to the firwire interface to be pre eq/fader or post eq/fader, so I can run a ‘clean’ mix to my mac for recording. I’m going to be doing some recording this weekend, and weekend after of my band, Ten Fifty, so mp3′s will be up later if you want to hear it in action.

I beleive everyone gets one bargin from ebay in their life, mine was the starfield preamp and power amp. These are all valve boxes made by a company called ‘Starfield’ in the 80′s. Starfield was an offshot of Ibanez.

Preamp and power amp preamp innards Power amp innards

 The preamp sounds very nice and will be used for my guitar (replacing the line 6 spider 3) and will feed the starfield power amp when I’m practicing my guitar. It has four 12ax7 tubes in, I suspect configured with two for clean/crunch channel and two for the overdrive/scream channel.

 The power amp is 100w + 100w stereo amp. Inside are eight, yes eight, 5881 power tubes and two 12ax7 tubes to drive them. This in turn is driving the ashdown 210T cab and the speaker in the Mag 300 (I’m not using the in built amp). For bass I unplug in the input from the preamp, plug it into my Hartke Bass attack and I’m ready to go with 200W of pure valve power, and it sounds nice, real nice.

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