Defender progress

Defender Panel Blimey, hasn’t it been a while since I did any major work on Defender?

Looking back, it’s actually been over 6 months since I did anything with it and just under a year since I touched the main core of the code!

So, with my new found enthusiasm, and hopefully more spare time to use, I’ve started work again. Whilst I liked the idea of a simple front panel from the point of low cost, I really wasn’t happy with it.

Whilst I won’t have the same flexability with this design as with the previous one, I do have everything I could need and then some.
So, above we have a panel based on a 3 octave keyboard version. I’ve got an old 3 octave midi keyboard that is not going anywhere fast, so I’ve decided to take it out of its case and put it to good use in Defender.

I have enough bits for 2 voices, and initially it’ll be one voice until I’m happy with the code and functionality. Then I’ll build the second voice card and possibly more (Defender will handle uopto 15 voices).

The prototype still works, despite a very thick layer of dust and I’ll be ordering this panel at the end of the month. I’ve got my eyes on some funky knobs and I have the rest of the parts.

Front Panel PCB wise it’s going to have to be strip-board for the moment, I just can’t afford to have custom built pcb of this size right now.

My aim, is to have something ready to show at Synth DIY 2008 in Cambridge, England. There’s a lot of work to go in between now and then. Updates and pictures as things progress.

2 Responses to “Defender progress”

  1. dennis Says:

    Hi Paul

    Is this beaty gonna be released this year?



  2. Paul Says:


    Heaven knows, I’d like to say yes, but right now I honestly don’t know. I’m not going to say when, as I’ve found setting dates only disappoints. I will post regular updates as things move forward though, so watch this space.