From Hobby to Living

Here’s a video of my talk to a local geek meeting about how I went from DIY Synths to Full time Synth design.

2 Responses to “From Hobby to Living”

  1. @creativegeek Says:

    Really enjoyed the video. So exciting to hear about your new polysynth and Modulus Music!!!

    I love hardware synths myself. my mainstay is a Virus Ti2 but I also have a JX-3P which still sounds great. I find software sythns, whislt some sound fantastic – all sound samish but I think thats a lot to to do with the AD/s..when you compare 2 hardware synths, even if they are similar in architecture, the physical output of the sound, wether they are DCO based or Analogue gives them a unique sound…well thats my untechnical take on it! :-) Software synths- because you listen to them via the same A to D, just makes them sound similar!

    Anyhow, cant wait to hear a some demo’s of the new polysnth beast! Good luck with it. All the best, Rob

  2. Paul Says:

    Thanks Rob, I am really looking forward to launching this and watching peoples jaws drop when they see and hear it ;)