Eat your heart out Spinal Tap

je suis en rock star, image courtesy of IcyJumboWell, what a “Spinal Tap” month our band has had.

First we all agreed to change drummer. There were many reasons for this decision and it wasn’t one we took light heartedly.

Then much to our suprise, the lead singer/guitarist left due to personal issues at home, disaster.

This left us, Frank and myself, with a grand total of 5 songs totalling about 15 minutes of material, no drummer and no lead vocals. We had to turn down two gigs, which is something I hated having to do.

We soon got a new drummer, Jim, who’s very good and loves what we’re doing musically. We had a couple of practices with him now and it’s going really well.

Frank and I have been busy writing more songs, and we’ve got another four rough outlines which we’ll be working on over the next few weeks.

And last night, we got ourselves a new singer, Rick. Rick has done some large events before, has a great voice, plays guitar, likes our music and is mad keen to get working on lyrics for our new songs and get practicing.

Our website,, is down for the moment as we’re redesigning it from scratch and we’ll be revamping the look and feel to give it a lot more impact. We will also be uploading new recordings and hopefully some new songs around the end of December.

I can’t wait to get working on these new songs and start gigging again soon. I think this new line up is stronger than ever before and we also have some cracking new songs which will carry us onto bigger and better things in the new year.

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