Someone’s lost the plot.

rubbish!I don’t normally post political posts, but this is just driving me nuts.

The government has decided to charge householders for the rubbish they through out – story on the BBC.

Now, given I already pay for refuse collection in my council bill why should I pay more for the inadequacies of the government and it’s ability to manage a problem?

My refuse collection is a disgrace, I get given one black bag a week, and one clear one (for plastic) and one purple one (for paper) on alternate weeks.

One bag? For a household? my wife and I often end up with two black bags of rubbish and one of paper/plastic each week. How about a family of three or four? they’re going to be throwing four or more bags a week!

Add to this that our refuse collection is noisy and messy, black bags left on the street over night result in cats ripping open the bags and leaving rubbish everywhere, not to mention the mess that the collection guys leave behind.

Am I the only one who sees that people are going to stop putting their rubbish in bin bags, and start dumping it in random places if they’re going to be charged?

The problem isn’t with householders chucking out too much rubbish, it’s with the suppliers putting things in too much packaging into their product. Futhermore it’s often  packaging that is not recyclable!

But, yet again, the UK tax payer/householder is being forced to pay for the ineptitude of the government.

This country is turning into a very expensive nanny state, why people want to come to live here from other countries is totally beyond me, this country is a disgrace.

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