Another Defender update

Sneak preview, Defender PCB LayoutThis is almost getting to be a habit now. I mean, updating my progress with Defender regularly.

So, today I’ve finally managed to route the new front panel PCB. It’s taken me about two weeks to get fully routed and with everything on I want.

I’ve added some additional inputs so I could now add in things such as foot switches and pedals.

All I need to do now, is to save £150 for the prototype PCB, assemble it and program it. So there’s still a way to go before I have a fully working front panel.

I’d like to point out that whilst Defender currently has no panel, all it’s parameters are midi controllable and it responds to midi. Though it’s only a mono-synth at the moment once I have finished developing the basics I’ll be adding more voices and I’ll probably take it to 10 or 12 voices.

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