GorF-XL update

Well, things are moving on. Beta testing is almost at an end and we’ve got revised hardware (improved screening and no mod wires needed), so I’ve just ordered the first 4 layer PCBs for the first 25 GorF-XLs and started getting prices for the remainder of the parts.

Once we’ve sold a few Zira’s we can buy the parts we need and begin assembling the GorF-XLs.

We’re still investigating options for cases for the desktop version, but rest assured it’ll look as stunning as it is inspiring in use. We’ll have pictures and news/specs in the very near future.

IMG_0608(Modular version)


One Response to “GorF-XL update”

  1. JB Says:


    Keep up the good work, I’ve been monitoring your development and will very likely purchase the product once available.