Ten Fifty

No, not the time. The band I play bass in now has a name, we’re called Ten Fifty.

It comes from the New York Police Department code ’10-50′ which means Disorderly person/group or noisewhich seems apt somehow.

There are four of us in the band -

Ten Fifty

From Left to right :

Paul Lennox who sings and plays guitar,
Frank Langbridge on rhythm guitar,
yours truly playing bass guitar,
and Neil Burton on drums.

We’ve recorded 5 tunes so far, and you can hear excerpts of them on our web-site. We’ve also got a place on myspace, where you can hear full versions of our music, though we’ve only got one full tune uploaded.

We’ve been together since May and Frank Joined us a month or so ago, and we’ve now got eleven tunes. We’re still working on some minor points for the arrangements but we’re about ready to gig.

Our website is based around a modified WordPress theme. Everyone in the band has a log-in so we can all write posts as things move forward. It also means you can keep up to date with our music and gigs just by adding the RSS feed to your favourite reader.

We’ll also be looking to record a full album sometime around October this year.

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