GorF-XL Beta test Unit


I have one GorF-XL beta unit left, if you’re interested contact me, you’ll need a Doepfer power bus with +12v, +5v and -12v power rails. You’ll also be expected to help write the user guide and contribute to finding bugs. There is a cost, but it’s basically the cost of the parts and postage.


4 Responses to “GorF-XL Beta test Unit”

  1. Erez Yaary Says:


    I am interested if this is still relevant. Please let me know. Have also contacted via Facebook.


  2. matos Says:

    i’d be interested in testing, helping write a user guide, and bug finding. let me know. cheers!

  3. copernico Contreras Says:

    Hi, I will be interested in test your unit I have documented process for electronics assembly lines and Im also a musician.
    I been building my own DIY synths from now and then and have some expiriance in debugging…


  4. Paul Says:

    Thanks for your interest, but this went out just before I went on Holiday.