It’s only words

It’s been an interesting month or two with the new band. We’ve grown from three to four and the song writing has come along at a fantastic pace. We’re at nine songs with a further four in the pipeline.

We’ve recorded some, but we’re not releasing them yet as we still want to make a few minor tweaks first.

What’s been of special interest for me is I’ve had my first foray into writing lyrics. Not wishing to sound conceited but writing music has always been relatively easy for me. But writing lyrics has been a lot harder.

I’ve never been particularly good with words, so my decision to have a go at writing lyrics wasn’t one I took lightly. Now consider that not only do lyrics have to make sense but they also need to fit rhythmically and perhaps with the odd rhyme.

I embraced it whole heartedly with a simple punk style riff, and worked around the theme of Jelly and Ice-Cream. I managed to write the chorus and link in a matter of a few hours. Then I was stuck.

About a month later, I had an idea for another tune, based around a riff I’d had in my head for a while. After I recorded the basic idea I decided to have another go at lyric writing. Much to my surprise I wrote three verses, a chorus and an end in about 2 hours. And what’s more, from the lyrics I got the track title, Let Me Go.

With this new found surge of inspiration I dug out Jelly and Ice-Cream, and sure enough, an hour later it was finished, all three verses.

We’ve not yet recorded these two songs, but we will and when we do, I’d appreciate your comments on the lyrics. And no, sorry, I won’t be singing.

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