JuJu gets dynamics

I’ve now managed to add velocity to each sound in JuJu, controllable from MIDI velocity of course. In this demo, as with previous ones, I’ve got Tron (my drum pattern programmer) controlling JuJu.


This was actually quite a lot of effort, and required me to work out how to do quick, efficient, signed multiplies (8 bit x 16bit) in assembly language.

2 Responses to “JuJu gets dynamics”

  1. JImi Says:

    I have a Modulus Monowave. I was wondering if there is a MIDI CC that controls the filter cutoff. Thanks in advance!

  2. Paul Says:

    The analogue portion of the Monowave is completely sperate from the digital, so without modification there is no way of controlling the filter cut-off from MIDI.