Time for change.

Saturday was my last gig with ‘Group Therapy’. I really enjoyed the gig, and it seems that everyone who was there also did.

The reason for the change is a simple one, I want to start writing and playing my own material. As much as I enjoy playing covers, I really want to be playing my own music.

I met my new band, as yet un-named, via an advert on one of the many musician-seeks-band sites. Neil who plays drums, and Paul who plays guitar and sings, were looking for a bassist. We seemed to hit it off pretty well and within eight sessions we’re up to six songs with another three or four as ‘works in progress’. Two of the songs are ones that I wrote and both Paul and Neil have made some suggestions that have improved them both immensely and turned them into ‘songs’ rather just ideas.

I’ve learned a lot about playing in a band with Group Therapy, including playing with real people, not just sequencers and computers.

There have been good times and bad, but I wanted to thank Lee, Barry, Matt and Carl for some great times and a great experience. I’m sure you guys will go onto bigger and better things.

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