Things that make you go “Hmmm”

Hmm, usefull gadgetsI’m not a gadget freak as such, but I wanted to post an update about two gadgets I purchased and have been using extensively.

The first of them is my Vario II, which I’ve been using for a couple of months now, and I have to say I find it invaluable. It’s far more than just a phone with a diary. The ability to read my emails wherever I am, and watch movies, play MP3s and even play games (to a lesser extent) has proved, time and time again, just how useful it is.

I’ve been travelling away from home a lot with work lately, and being able to keep on top of my emails and even browse the net when I need to, is just a godsend. What’s particularly nice is that it’s all in a small package. I don’t have a laptop, power supply and associated accessories to lug around. I have one device, which is a phone, and my link to the big bad WWW.

The second gadget is my Boss Micro BR. I’ve used it for composing tunes whilst away with work (I take my Hohner G3ta Steinberger guitar) and also for recording practice sessions with my new band. The quality of the recordings, using just the built in mic, is superb. Here’s an excerpt. The battery life seems fine (I’ve recorded a couple of our two hour practice sessions without changing batteries yet) and for ease of use, it just couldn’t be better.

Together both of these gadgets have made me wonder how I did things in the past. I’m not saying they’ve changed my life, but they have most definitely enhanced it, making it easier for me to do the things I want, when and where I want.

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  1. Wiffy Says:

    And you can tell people off for sending you silly messages when you’re out, eating posh food with your work mates! ;-P