JuJu gets more sounds

Well, I wanted to add some more sounds, mostly so I can test the triggering of multiple voices when I get to adding them, I mean, if I had 8 voices all playing a bass drum, how would I know it was 8 or 1?

So, I’ve added some more sounds from the Linn Drum, we have a bass drum, snare drum, Handclaps, Tom Tom, Tambourine and the infamous cowbell.

I have to say, I’m really rather pleased with how this is sounding.


The next steps will be to add triggering from MIDI, and then to add polyphony.

2 Responses to “JuJu gets more sounds”

  1. cereyanliMUSIKI Says:

    Is JuJu a drum machine or sampler ?

  2. Paul Says:

    JuJu is a drum brain that uses samples for sounds.
    You can’t use it to sample sounds and it has no drum pattern programmer.
    You play it from MIDI, much like you would a sound module.