The return of JuJu

I’ve managed to finally get a new version of JuJu started.

JuJu has been through three hardware revisions and four software revisions. The main reason for this has been the lack of speed when it comes to grabbing the drum samples, manipulating them and then playing them back. Doing one voice is easy, doing 8, not so easy.

So for the last few weeks to give myself a rest from working on Aurora, I’ve been tinkering with JuJu’s code, on the later version of the hardware. This time I’m doing it in assembly language to ensure I get enough speed and sure enough, I believe I have enough speed.

Here’s a sample, with the snare at about the right pitch, the higher, then higher and then at full speed.

This is a “pet” project for me and something to give me a break as/when Aurora is driving me batty, so please don’t expect anything fast, it’ll be done when it’s done.


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