Aurora ADSRs

Managed to get the ADSRs in and working today, still got a few bugs to iron out, but they have the shape I wanted. Nice linear attack, exponential decay and release curves.


4 Responses to “Aurora ADSRs”

  1. Joost Says:

    Why a linear attack but exponential decay and release?

  2. Paul Says:

    the linear attack gives a nice “snappy” response without any of the delay you get with a log attack, the exponential decay and release give the VCF and VCA the characteristic “synth” sound.
    The Oberheim EGs (Xpander, Matrix 12, etc) have ADSRs like this.

  3. Joost Says:

    Cheers :) have you tried inv-exponential attack?

  4. Paul Says:

    I’ve not tried that, but I might at a later date thanks. For now I want to get the “bits” in and get it all working before tweaking and adding extras :)