Aurora gets an LFO

Tonight was quite productive, I managed to add an LFO to the Aurora Voice card. It has four wave shapes; sine, sawtooth, square and random. It has a variable rate from very slow to very quick, a delay (which fades in) and the ability to restart the wave when a new key is pressed.

A large portion of the code was taken from Zira which saved a lot of time. I have to say that reusing code is very rewarding, especially as I spent a lot of time getting the LFO on Zira correct and portable.

You can hear the LFO on sound cloud here - I’m using the LFO to modulate the filter cut-off.

I’ll probably work on the Envelope generators next, but it might be the main controller as I’ll need to be able to send the voice a “note start” to test the envelopes properly.

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