Aurora Update

A quick update about Aurora, I’m still working on it but there’s not much to show at the moment.

I’m playing with the oscillator code so I can add a few more waveforms, but critically I’m adding variable pulse width so Aurora can have PWM. I’m also investigating how best to get a decent quality noise generator in.

As things progress with Aurora I’ll inevitably need some sort of control and interface to the outside world (MIDI), so I’m also looking at the main control board, but as I am not sure which features will be in the final version I’m trying to keep it as panel agnostic as possible. To this end I’ve dug out an old control board which I’ll see if I can modify in the interim.
Old Control Board

Once I have more sounds and I’ve started adding more features I’ll post more here, along with any links.

I’ve also now linked my blog ( to facebook and twitter, which’ll save me adding the same thing to three different places.

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