Time please, gentlemen!

Group Therapy, live (A rare occurance)

It’s odd being in a band. On the one hand you have real people to play with, which is superb. On the other hand, you have real people to work with, which can be a pain in the butt.

Now, no disrespect to the guys in my band, but some of them aren’t as committed as others. I don’t think any of them are as committed obsessed with music as I am, but then I don’t expect them to be.

But I do expect them to practise, be willing to buy their own kit/gear and not to debunk every idea that someone comes up when it’s time for trying new tunes.

We currently manage 19 songs (20 if you count the Slade/Christmas one), which is enough music for about an hour and half, hardly enough to start gigging with.

Now the guys all say they want to do more gigs and start getting paid gigs, but we only practice once a week for about 2.5 hours with all of us in attendance. Yet when it comes to someone organising a gig and booking a date with the pub/club, it constantly gets put off because we need ‘just a bit more’ practise (can anyone spot a theme here?).

As much as I enjoy playing music with these guys, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the whole thing. I’ve got several ideas for tunes started, some more finished than others, all of which met with little or no enthusiasm and even less help/ideas/input.

To this end, I’ve now begun looking in earnest for a new band to join or start. So, If you know of a band looking for a committed, enthusiastic bassist in Herefordshire/Worcestershire, point them this way, please.

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