Aurora updates

I’ve been thinking about how to give the specification of Aurora on line and I’ve come up with this approach. Rather than saying what I intend to include, I’m going to put the feature set up as it happens. i.e. when a feature is added I’ll post online. This means I won’t be promising to deliver the sun only to get as far as the moon, and it also gives you all a chance to suggest features though there’s no promise they’ll be included).

So this is what the voice card for Aurora has so far;

  • 4 Digital Oscillators
  • 56 Waveforms per oscillator
  • hard sync between pairs (i.e. Osc 2 can be sync to Osc 1 and Osc 4 can be sync’d to Osc 3).
  • Transistor Ladder VCF with resonance
  • Overdrive of the VCF (not the preceding circuitry)
  • “Pole Sweep” function, allowing continuously variable output of the VCF from 1Pole, though bandpass and to 4Pole at the other end.
  • Analogue VCAs used throughout.
  • 100% Analogue signal path (VCF, polesweep, resonance and VCA)

As you can see there’s still a way to go, there’s no LFO or EGs in there yet, nor modulation. Keep an eye on this blog, my facebook page or my twitter feed for updates.

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