Influences on my life

Lord Avon

I’ve been thinking a lot about various things that shaped me into who I am now. So I’ve decided to list them, not in any particular order, just a list of things that have had an impact on my life, outlook and way of thinking.

  • Music (Single) by John Miles. By the time I’d heard this I already had a large music collection, it sums up how I feel about music with the words ‘Music was my first love, and it will be my last’.
  • Star Wars (Film). Ok, so I was 7 when this came out, and I don’t think I saw it until I was about 10. Great costumes, good plot and again, great characters. My favourites in this were Han Solo and Princess Leia.
  • Blake’s-7 (TV series). So many good things about this. Yeah sure it had ropey sets and naff costumes, but it had good plots and great characters. Avon being my favourite, closely followed by Jenna, especially when she was wearing those Lycra outfits.
  • Tangram (LP) by Tangerine Dream. This album was a real eye opener. Until this point I’d been listening to rock music (Black Sabbath, Saxon, ZZ Top and so on) and hearing an album which is almost only synthesiser was a real awakening. It’s this album that is to blame for my love of synths!
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Film). What can I say that hasn’t already been said? The motto became a big thing for me, “don’t dream it, be it”.
  • In the Cabin of my uncle Jam (Single) by Parliafunkadelicament. If there is a record that defines funk and sets the level to which all others must aspire, this is it.
  • My divorce (Event). We never really should’ve married, I did it for all the wrong reasons and, as much as my first wife and I had problems, she helped me become who I am today.
  • Jessie (Person). For those who don’t know, Jessie is my wife, we married in 2000 and we’re happy. First and foremost we’re friends, and she helped me accept myself for who I am, not what others think I should be.
  • Some Like it Hot (Film). What a cracking film, funny from start to end. Another film with a meaning, at least one I found: “don’t judge a book by it’s cover, if something feels good, just go with it.”
  • East River Drive (LP) by Stanley Clarke. Here’s the album that inspired me to pick up bass and get serious about it. A superb mix of bass, synth and various others, all in one album. With many different styles. I only hope I get to be even a quarter as talented as this guy.
  • The Doors (Band). So many great tunes, my personal favourite is ‘The End’, an 11 minute masterpeice. Quite simply, the band at it’s best.
  • Deadwing (LP) by Porcupine Tree. I had begun to despair that modern rock was getting a bit samey and very bland. Then a friend lent me this album. Truly inspirational stuff, great melodies, excellent mix and great highs and lows.
  • Stevie (my dog). Stevie helps me to ‘let go’ and put everything behind me. When we’re out walking and playing with his ball he shows me how to just have fun.

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  1. Eric Says:


    Just stopping by on my periodic sweep of blogs – good topic.

    Star Wars and Tangram are both some of my favorites from the past. I’ve got a huge Tangerine Dream collection and I can still remember the first time I heard that album. I had a friend who DJed a weekly electronic music radio show in my home town and I went to help him put on a live show in the downtown mall. Prior to the show he put Tangram on the PA – just imagine that opening sequence filling a public square. Awesome.

    My first copy was an actual vinyl LP. When CDs became more common and I was building my collection I couldn’t find a CD copy of Tangram here in the US. Finally I found one in the Virgin Megastore on the Champs Elysee during a European vacation. Imagine my disappointment when I got it home and noticed that the CD had a massive flaw (poor coverage of the backside lacquer). A few years later I found another copy locally, but I still have that original French version and it still plays.