A long overdue update.

It’s been a mad few months for me, not only personally but with work and my band (Her Dark Embrace) but things are settling down again.

GorF-XL is about ready to go for beta test, I have a couple of things I need to add to the code and I’ll be after a couple of beta testers.

For Zira I’m building the last three I’ll have to sell for a while. Tracking down the NJM2069′s is proving quite a difficult task. I did find a few, but you don’t want to know how much the guy wanted for them, let’s say it was excessive.

GorF kits are still going I have a few left to sell from this batch, I’m looking into getting some made, with cases, so people who don’t have soldering irons can buy them ready assembled and cased. I’m not sure how feasible this is or what the end price will be, but I’ll do my best to keep it as low as possible.

I’ve also decided to build myself a polysynth, working title of “Aurora”. I’m not giving away any of the specs yet, but it’s very unlikely to make it as a product do to the cost of manufacture (case/PCBs/etc) and assembly (there’s a lot of parts in a polysynth). If the voice boards work out I’ll look into making a mono synth version.

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