To UMPC or not to UMPC?

Asus r2H UMPCAs those ‘gadget freaks’ amongst you out there will be aware there are these things called UMPCs. Bascially really small ultra mobile PCs. The screen is only 7 inches diagonally, but with regular PC specs/parts (i.e. hard disk, memory, video, cpu, etc.) and run Windows.

I’ve been hankering after one of these for a while: the Asus R2H is my current favourite as it’s a good balance between cost and performance. I can play movies on it (60G HDD gets me a few movies) and also browse the web from the comfort of my own sofa.

Then this morning I was reminded of why I like apple products.

I had a patch applied to my work PC by the kind people in tech support yesterday night sometime, so I had to reboot this morning. Then I discovered that for some reason all my acrobat documents were blank and acrobat was complaining it couldn’t find a font (the fonts folder did have the font acrobat was looking for). A quick call to tech support, run an app to confirm what software/patches are installed, apply another patch, another reboot and it’s working. It only took an hour to resolve.

It’s considered that Apple are unlikely to venture into the UMPC market because of the Newton and its failure to be accepted by the market. Now Apple have their infamous iPhone, which may be the way they wish to move forward.

All that said, the whole UMPC thing seems to be gathering some momentum, espcially with things like the Origami application running on Vista. Who knows? Maybe Apple will have to bow to market pressure, but I feel it’s unlikely.

This video has made me seriously re-consider. Sure, I don’t like windows because of the bug fixes, reboots and security holes, but this app looks good. Not only does it work, but it seems to be easy to use. If only Apple would do a UMPC form-factor mac, I’d be one of the first in the queue!

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