Zira available

Zira is now available to buy, it comes fully assembled and in a perspex case, you just need to supply MIDI, power (9V-12V DC @300mA) and plug it into your mixer.

Think of Zira as a pocket sized monowave. Zira has the following features (full Spec can be found here);

  • Two oscillators, each with 48 wave forms, a sub oscillator and hard sync
  • Analogue Lowpass 24dB/Oct filter. Zira uses the NJM2069AD (New old Stock) chips to give a stunning warm and rich filter sound.
  • The VCA is part of the NJM2069AD and is a low noise, high quality VCA.
  • Two ADSRs, one for the VCF and one for the VCA
  • LFO with 4 waveforms, with delay, single shot mode and four routing destinations.
  • All parameters editable via MIDI CC
  • 64 Patch memories
Here’s a demo of Zira (multi-tracked).
I only have a very limited supply of NJM2069s, so grab them whilst you can as Zira won’t be available in this format again. You can purchase one from here.

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