Zira Update

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I built a second Zira to test the remainder of the chips I have and start sending units to beta testers.

But the one I built wouldn’t work, it lit up, you could edit values, save patches, load patches but would not respond to MIDI!

I checked the MIDI in, and could see the signal, checked the tracks, all checked ok… Swapped the CPU for a known good one, same problem, put the suspect CPU into my prototype and it worked fine.

Checked the 5V rail, all good, Checked the ground planes, all fine… I just didn’t get it!

So I passed it to a friend of mine, figuring a fresh set of eyes might spot something┬ámonumentally┬ástupid I had missed… he was just as confused as I was…

a week later, he’s had a brain wave, he checked the frequency coming out of the main crystal, instead of reading 16MHz it reads 20.3MHz!!!! 25% off, that’s nuts!

Fingers crossed I don’t have any more like that!

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