Adventures with Micro BR

Me, arty styleeI’ve been playing with my Mico BR some more and I’ve really got to say just how impressive it is. Remember that idea I had whilst mucking around with it? I added a chorus, programmed some drums (not the pattern an arrangement of preset patterns), added a bass line, mixed it and mastered it all on this little silver box-o-tricks.

What really blew me away was the mastering section, who’d have thought that this little box’s mastering section would be quite so comprehensive? It comes with a three band compressor (adjustable frequency points), each band has it’s own threshold, ratio, attack and relase plus a mixer (one input for each band) and limiter. Don’t forget, you can of course pan and adjust the mix of each track and add effects (to the overall mix) before you master it, simply awesome.

One thing that had been driving me nutty was that when you used a drum beat, saved a song and then reloaded it (ie. after a power off or doing something else), the tempo of the drums wasn’t saved! Silly me, if you create a drum arrangement to go with the song, the tempo is saved with the arrangement and the arrangement is saved with song.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt of the track I wrote and recorded on the Micro BR, using my guitar and bass, everything else (drums, reverb, effects, distortion, etc) is done within the Micro BR, it’s called T12V7_01 (which is just a working title).

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  2. Chris Says:

    It’s hard to believe that the audio all comes from one little box, and that it was so easy to create. On the other hand, what does that tell us about the other modern stuff that we hear?

    One small point. I couldn’t tell what one of the “instruments” was, it sounded a bit like a very distorted cow bell, three quick ba-ba-ba’s just after the descending chord sequence. What was it?

  3. jammer Says:

    like that snippet of audio you got there mr paul … :)

  4. Paul Says:


    Yes, it was very easy to record. quite literally, plug in guitar, press record, play guitar.
    To record the bass, I selected track2, a different \’effect\’ and again, pressed record and played my bass line.

    Setting the drum arrangement was a little more interesting, but once I\’ve done it a couple of times I can see it would be very quick and intuitive.

    The sound you couldn\’t work out is the guitar, but played using a technique called \’scratching\’, I beleive. Basically you play the strings with your right hand but mute them with the left (by lifting your hand off the fret board a little). You get a very percussive, slightly tuned (it\’s actually harmonics, in this case 3rd/5th and octave) \’click\’. You hear it a lot in \’funk\’ music.

    The box is very very good for getting down quick ideas, but as for making a full blown track, I\’d still use my VS2480, because this lacks a lot of thinks, like multiple effects, compressors, gates, EQ and so on. But, as I say, for having an idea and quickly \’jotting it down\’ this is just superb! It\’s one gadget I\’ll be taking everywhere I take my guitar (including holiday).


  5. Michael Says:

    Like your recording and have been researching the Boss Micro BR. Question – To lay down the bass line, did you use an actual bass guitar or were you able to use your electric guitar and just put effects on it to give bass guitar sound. I have a Zoom G2 guitar processor which allows me to pitch shift my guitar to get the lower octive, so I think I could pull it off, but I would love it if I could do it all in the Micro BR. I unfortuantely don’t have a bass and can’t justify buying one, as the only use would be for these recordings.

    Also, did you play a clean signal into the Micro Br for your Electric, and use their onboard effects, or did you use an external processor/amp for your distortion – It sounds good – Stone Temple Pilot’s sounding

    Curious what your thoughts are on this

  6. Paul Says:


    yes this was straight from the guitar to the micro-br, nothing external was used.

    as for the bass, yes I used a bass guitar, but I seem to recall that there was an octaver that you could use to emulate bass. I’ll check over the weekend and contact you.