GorF V2 Videos

All, they’re finally done and up on YouTube ;

Part 1

Part 2

5 Responses to “GorF V2 Videos”

  1. ltm Says:


  2. Jason M Says:

    I was curious if the firmware for Gorf v2 would work with the original Gorf? New features look awesome!

  3. Paul Says:


    Yes, the code will work on the original GorF too, it was developed on one :)

    I’ll be releasing the sysex file, and AVRStudio files in a week or so, I just want to hammer my test one a little more first to be sure there’s no bugs in it.


  4. sealion Says:

    Lovely bit of kit, very live friendly.

  5. ltm Says:

    how can i order a gorf/v2 kit? (any left? or not released yet?)