GorF V2 kits, almost there

I now have the PCBs, and a box full of parts. I think I have the majority of parts to put the kits into little bags ready. The most noticeable difference between this PCB and the previous version is the inclusion of a 2.5mm DC power connector. I can also tell you that the holes in the PCBs for parts like the switches and pots have been made a little bigger than previous PCBs so the parts will fit easier. Also that the MIDI socket holes should now fit both types that are around on the market.

In terms of software, there’s a lot to show, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the video. And for owners of the first version, don’t panic the software is backward compatible, so you can upgrade using MIDI sysex. I would like to give a huge thanks to Peter Kvitek who’s done the majority of the work in the new version and for him inspiring me to add a few of my own features and to do another run of kits, Thank you Peter.

So, for those who want to know, the plan of action is as follows ;

  • Build a kit, test it
  • Create Video showing new features, and there’s quite a lot to show.
  • Make the kits up into little baggies
  • Get my built V2 kit to Chris Charlesworth so he can get cases ready
  • Release the kits for sale
In order to keep things fair for everyone I wont be releasing any kits until the full kits are ready. At the moment, the kits should be available the first week of July… watch this space.

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