New years resolutions

It’s that time of year where we all say we’re going to do things and never do. So I figured that if I put them on my blog, they might serve as a reminder to myself and also others to nag/remind me of.

  • Spend more time with my family (Jessie, Stevie, My mum, Sam, Amy and Elliott) and friends.
  • Write more music, I’ve really not written much at all this year, in my deffence, I’ve speant a large part of it learning bass, guitar and also mixing techniques..
  • Get more involved with the local music scene in Hereford, which is surprisingly large. I’m going to be starting a podcast, featuring local bands, you can read about it, and download it from here –
  • Finish some of the things I started, ie. Defender and Phoenix.

That’ll pretty much see my spare time gone, but I think they’re all worthwhile resolutions. No excuses about being bored, the above 4 things shouldn’t leave me much time for that.

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