Zira demo

I’ve started recording a demo of Zira whilst I work on it. There’s still a couple of things left to add to Zira (LFO, Patch storage and MIDI CC’s) but it’s coming together.

As a bit of a tease I’ve extracted two tracks from the demo, one is an analogue arpeggio and the other is a classic PPG style sound, you find them here on the Synth.Net pages.

This is the first¬†publicly¬†available demo online of the Mk2 version, you’ll notice the lack of high pitched whine that was caused by the display used in the Mk1 version.

You’ll also notice that the file is now located on the synth.net Synthesiser community pages, please come along and join the community and help it grow.

2 Responses to “Zira demo”

  1. Marc Says:

    Very nice little demo. I’m curious about the architecture of your new little baby. Is it 100% software or is there any analog/chip part (filter comes in mind).

    Also, great for the synth.net link, I’ve just registered and looking forward to see what it’ll really be.


  2. Paul Says:


    Many thanks, it’s a hybrid of analogue and digital (the best combination IMHO). The oscillators, ADSR and LFO are all digital, The VCF and VCA are analogue. In this version the filter is based on the Korg NJM2069 chip (DW8000,Poly800, DSS-1), I only have a few of these chips.

    (pictures – http://www.vacoloco.net/synths/zira/gallery.shtml)

    However, I do have a version ready to get PCBs made, which is MS20 VCF based. This uses off the shelf parts. If all goes well with this, I ought to be able to make the MS20 version, debug the code and start shipping them with minimal code tweaking.