Zira Update

Well, the new board is here, and I’ve assembled it and you can see it above. I’ve already started coding and it’s a LOT quieter than the previous one, there’s no horrible buzzing on the audio from the display!

In addition, we have sockets for all the connections, as shown below.

From Left to Right, MIDI In, DC Power in (6 to 12V DC @ 300mA) and 3.5mm Stereo Audio Output.

Further more, I can reveal that whilst I’m only making 8 of these using the Korg NJM2069AD I do have a revised PCB laid out with a discrete component VCF and VCA. Once the coding is nearing completion on this version, I’ll start get PCBs for the discrete component version as the code will be 99% the same between the two.

One Response to “Zira Update”

  1. Till Kopper Says:

    I am looking forward to see the now improved Zira in action. And the onboard connectors for audio out and DC in are very welcome.