Tron Kit Update

It’s time for an update for the Tron Kits.

I now have all the parts, excluding 2. The memory chips haven’t arrived but are due any day, I ordered more direct from Microchip as the original supplier quoted me a delivery date sometime in December. I also only have half of the CPU chips that I ordered, it seems my order of 25 cleared out their stock of 12!

I’m attempting to locate alternative, and more reliable, suppliers for the CPU chips as I seem to be using a lot of them these days (GorF, Tron and Zira all use the same main CPU).

I am extremely sorry for the delays, and when I have the CPU chips and memory chips I’ll be accepting orders for this first batch of 25 full kits.


3 Responses to “Tron Kit Update”

  1. Gerry Murray Says:

    Please, please can you tell me where you get the cool knobs/pots?
    I’m designing the ALPS 29 0016 Farnell PN : 1191741 in to a new design but I’d love to know where you get your pot/knob solution. It looks like an integrated knob like the Korg Monotron.
    Any info you could give would be really welcome.

    Gerry Murray

  2. Gerry Murray Says:

    Really nice designs by the way!
    Gerry Murray

  3. Paul Says:


    Thanks the pots are Alps pots – RK09K113, I get them from RS (part num:263-3034 ) as they seem to be the only supplier I can find who has them. If anyone knows of another, please say, I’m getting through 100′s of these a year and as much as RS is a great place to get bits, it is expensive.