Open Source Joy

Well, I’m trying to switch away from relying on CodeVision for my projects for two reasons. Firstly it’ll make sharing the code with others easier and secondly I want to get rid of my PC and have all my development tools in one place, my MacBook. But what a pain!!!!

I download and install the AVR Mac Pack and followed the demo example, the code built and compiled, wonderful! but can I get avrdude to find my avrispmkII programmer? nope.

After some digging I found this page, it seems I need libusb to get the usb working, ok I’ll download it. Now I need to compile it. Seems I’m missing a compiler for the mac, despite XCode being installed and that I’m able to compile and build a simple app for a mac with a window and the word “hello” in.

So, register at apple for the dev kit and download it, 2.94Gb!!!! for a compiler??????

So far I’ve spent 3.5 hours trying to install a tool chain that should’ve taken me minutes to install. More tomorrow when the dev kit has finished downloading and installed.

Fingers crossed nothing else goes pear shaped!

2 Responses to “Open Source Joy”

  1. RAY BELLIS Says:

    That’s odd – XCode comes with a decent set of compile tools and I’ve never had to install a full dev kit for the stuff I use and I do a lot of coding on Mac.

    If you’ve not used it, take a look at Macports. Once that’s installed you can just do “port install libusb”.


  2. Joe Says:

    I never had trouble installing xcode. Another option is Eclipse which would be more consistent with Open Source Joy.