Zira (PicoWave) Update

Well, I’ve had a few problems with this one.

A few timing issues which I can fix in software, the biggest problem has been the display. The DLR1414 is incredibly noisy.

So noisy you can here a high pitched whine over the sound you’re playing and also it puts so much noise on the ADC lines that reading pot values is almost impossible. If I blank the display in software, everything suddenly gets quiet and stable.

Not one to give up without a fight, I’ve redone the PCBs using 7 segment displays as they’re much quieter than the DLR1414. I’ve just re-ordered them, I’ll post pictures when the new board is assembled, and once I’ve got the basics running I’ll record a demo video. In the meantime I’ll continue working on the software (which will be the same not counting the display portion).

2 Responses to “Zira (PicoWave) Update”

  1. Jasonn Says:

    I hope you make a kit of this one because it sounds great!

  2. Paul Says:

    Thanks, I have begun work on a version using a discrete component VCF/VCA in place of the NJM2069 as the NJM is no longer available. The rest of the module will be the same, so it should be a very quick module to develop from the prototype (just change the filter and possible control curves).
    I do intend to make it as a kit, assuming the discrete VCF/VCA works and sounds ok :-)