Tron Progress

Well, I’ve got the boot loader fully working and debugged. I’ve found one last bug in the main code and have upped the version to version 1.00.

I’ll be uploading the Bill of Materials, hex files and so on over the next few days. The kit pricing is coming along, I’m waiting on one final quote from the suppliers. The prototype has been sent to Chris to make a plexiglass (or perspex) case, so cases will be available from him the same as they were for GorF.

There will be two kits available,

  1. PCB and pre-programmed CPU
  2. Full kit, including PCB, CPUs, Chips, LEDs, Switches, Resistors and Capacitors, in short you just have to provide the solder and time
I’ll also be offering assembled kits for an additional fee for those who don’t have the skills to assemble the units themselves.
Final kit pricing and availability will be up by the end of the month.

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