GorF (yet more, now gone)

well, I’ve had a few people ask, so I’ve ordered another 10 PCBs (two have gone already) they’re due around the 14th of August 2010.

These will be just the board and preprogrammed CPU at 15GBP plus postage, I won’t be doing complete kits for these.

Let me know if you want one of these kits.

Update 18th August : all sold

9 Responses to “GorF (yet more, now gone)”

  1. Nick magliaro Says:


    United states here…..i was wondering
    A)how much a gorf synth
    B)when will you be making more
    C)will you ship to the U.S.?

  2. Paul Says:

    in answer to your questions;

    A) GorF is a Sequencer, not a synthesiser and I also only sell kits as I don’t have much time and building them would mean I’d have to charge a lot more for them. a PCB+Micro costs 15 GBP

    B) Good question, probably quite soon as I seem to be getting a lot of requests for more. Keep an eye on this blog

    C) Yes, postage and packing of the PCB+Micro is about 5GBP to the USA.

  3. paul Says:

    Hey! Great project. I’m hoping more will be available soon…

    Will you be offering more comprehensive kits or just the PCB+Micro option? Thanks!

  4. Paul Says:


    a good question, I’d like to offer kits of the parts, but I need to make sure I can get them at a good price.


  5. Paul WHitt Says:

    I would like to order a GorF kit. Do you have any available?


  6. Paul Says:

    Alas, until the current run of Tron kits are sold, I won’t be able to afford to purchase parts for more kits.
    Check back here for updates.

  7. shawn Says:

    if i purchase a tron kit, which i am definitely interested in, can i also purchase a gorf kit along with it?

  8. Paul Says:

    I don’t have any GorF kits left at the moment. I will be doing another run of kits once the Tron kits are all sold.

  9. Jim g Says:

    Very interested in a Gorf kit…please let me know if/when more are available. Thanks!