It’s been a while, II

Well, work has me busy, but I’ve not been completely idol in the little spare time I have.

I’ve been tinkering with the code on Zira (TSKAPW – The Synth Formally Known As PicoWave), I just have the boot loader/MIDI Sysex update code to modify and test before Synth DIY. I’ll try and get around to recording some more audio examples and uploading them soon.

A few people have asked if this will trun into a kit, alas it can’t because of the use of an NJM2069 however, I do plan on using a lot of the technologies and methods to make something similar but using a none OEM filter, this will be available as a kit, but not until this is complete.

I’ve been frantically building the prototypes ready for Synth DIY. I’m building four of them and work is almost complete.

So, here’s some pictures to wet the appetite of those receiving theirs at Synth DIY UK 2010;

And just to prove they’re prototypes, no prototype would be complete without a few mods, what can I say, no-ones perfect first time -

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