Synth DIY UK 2010

We’ve got dates ready for Synth DIY 2010. This year the date for the main event is the 10th of July. A lot of people will arrive on the 9th of July and leave on the 11th, and Neil Johnson has put up his room booking page.

I’ve updated the main synth diy uk page here - and I’m going to start asking for donations for raffle prize. Last year we raised over 175 pounds for charity which was the Drake Music Project. Thank you to every one who contributed by buying a ticket or donating a prize.

Galleries of previous events can be found on the Synth DIY UK Gallery page.

So why not come along, bring some things you’ve built and meet like minded people.

One Response to “Synth DIY UK 2010”

  1. ChriS Strellis Says:

    I’m actually doing some Synth DIY now and it’s analogue :)

    I’m bringing it along to the event but I’m not telling you what it is :-P

    It’s not that crazy really – evolution not revolution on a synth I have already modified.

    Damn, I kinda told you.