Group Therapy in session

Group Therapy, mid sessionI’ve done some recordings of my current band, Group Therapy. Now we’re only a covers band, so I can’t publish the complete tracks, but I will be publishing a couple short excerpts on this page shortly.

I recorded the band using my VS2480, some Sennheiser mics and the audio technica drum mic kit (Mb-DK7) that I bought at music live, the guitars all came in via DI outputs on the amps. I’m impressed at the Audio Technica drum mics, the sound is superb. Yeah, I’m no studio engineer, nor professional recording chap, but to my ears, they sound clean and full.

I’ve done a lot of work on the mixing, and tomorrow (saturday the 18th), Matt (left in the pic) and Barry (right) are coming to run through the mixes and add their input. I asked for some advice from the people on the VSPlanet forum and I got it, by tthe bucket load, all very helpfull and very friendly. I also got some advise from my Friends Chris And Jammer (cheers guys).
This is the first time I’ve really used the 2480 in anger and, I’m totally overwhelmed by just how good the 2480 really is, what I can do with it is nothing short of awesome. Once the mixing is done, I’ll post a couple of ‘before and after’ audio snippets for you all to hear.

For anyone looking for a dedicated, multi-track recorder, I’d recomend the 2480 without any qualms. Despite the fact it’s been around since 2001, and undergone numerous software updates, it still sounds and performs fantastically. Sound On Sound even have a couple of ‘master class’ articles on it’s use (Masterclass one, Master class two). You can still buy the VS2480 new from many places, and whist it may seem expensive compared to software based devices, consider what you get.

  • Dedicated hardware (no flakey software or drivers)
  • Portability, I wouldn’t want to cart my Dual G5 and monitor around to record a band live.
  • Longevity (it doesn’t depend on a specific version of windows/osx) so it’ll still be working 10 years!
  • 16 high quality inputs, allowing you to record upto 16 channels at once, 8 of these have XLR in additon to the 1/4″ jacks, and have individual phantom power options!
  • Expandible effects cards, the 2480 comes with one VS8f-2 as standard (which runs a stack of roland plugins), and you can install upto 4 cards, giving you up 8 effects!.
  • Third party plugins, if you buy a VS8f-3 you can buy third party plugins from the likes of UA and get some stunning sounding effects
  • It’s *STILL* supported by Roland and has a huge community (I think I’m member 17,000 and something on the VSplanet forum) so you’ll get support wihtout any hassle

To get the same from a software DAW, consider that you’d need to buy the software, the effects plugins, the audio interface and control surface, plus a computer capable of running it all. Add it all up and the 2480 isn’t any more expensive.

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