Wood working help

Is there anyone in the UK that would be willing to work with me making a case for Defender?

My previous efforts (below) at wooden cases sort of suck. What I really want is an angled front panel with the keys in the bottom, a bit like a minimoog with it’s panel angled, but not adjustable, just angled up all the time.┬áThe keyboard is only 3 octaves and is the same length as the panel.

If you’re interested, let me know, I’m happy to pay for wood and some time, but I’m not loaded (who is these days?).

3 Responses to “Wood working help”

  1. Jay vaughan Says:

    I’d be quite happy to lasercut up some panels and sides for you, Paul .. this is precisely the sort of thing for which I have invested in the laser cutter @ Metalab, after all ..

    We could use designs similar to this:


    Or extend the design of this:


    OpenSCAD (open source CAD program being developed at Metalab) also has some nice examples of parameterized boxes that can be easily lasercut – if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you check it out for your case / panel design needs ..

  2. Jay vaughan Says:

    Oops .. wanted to let you know about this one as well, its pretty nice:


  3. inductionloop Says:


    i suppose a little late for this be certainly just another option, my good friends dad owns a CNC milling machine and is well up for stuff like this.