New years resolutions?

Well, it’s a new year (for those who missed it, SURPRISE!!) and GorF is done, so what next?

Well, I’m going to be focusing on two projects this year, and only two. in no particular order;


It seems a shame to have that lovely panel sitting there dead, and a voice card that works doing nothing, so I’ve done a bit of re-engineering and redone the panel PCB. So, instead of having a panel PCB connecting to a master micro which has MIDI and controls the voices, I have included the MIDI on the panel PCB, a MEGA128 micro and an I2C EEPROM for patch storage. The board will handle 192 LEDs, 192 Switches and 32 analogue inputs. Here’s a picture of the PCB in Eagle, boards have been ordered;

The other project that I’m focusing on, is the QiX project. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a hybrid CPU and DSP on a board. A bit like the Sound-Art Chameleon, but on Steroids. The CPU for the first one will be an i.MX233 ARM9 system on a chip (Freescale video on YouTube) and a dual core 56k DSP, a bit like the soundbite board from Freescale, but with external memory.

2 Responses to “New years resolutions?”

  1. strunkdts Says:

    i just happened along here, and man, u have piqued my interest!
    The Defender is the sweetest looking bit if hardware ive seen in a long time.
    Are these going to be available on mass?
    I would love to know a whole lot more about it and also what kind of ballpark figure i could supposably pay for one?

    All the best from West Oz.


  2. Paul Says:


    I’m not sure if Defender will be available as a product, I’d love to say yes, but without some financial backing and business know how, I’d not be able to do it myself.

    Defender will initially be monophonic, but the architecture allows me upto 15 voices (I intend to build a 10 voice version for myself, if I don’t get too bored building 10 voice cards).

    Cost wise, I have no idea… each voice card costs me about 250 USDollars, In large quantities I should be able to drop that to around 150 USDollars, The largest single cost is going to be the panel PCB and parts, which could hit as much as 800 USD.. case, keyboard, power supply and other bits, mean you’re looking at around 2500USD build cost for an 8 voice version, boxed and ready to roll.
    By the time I’ve added something on for myself and got a distributer, you’d be looking at around 3500 USD I expect. So I doubt there’s a market for that level of synth.

    All that said, there’s a way to go yet ;-)

    For more info, pictures, sounds, etc, visit the Defender webpage -

    Thanks for your interest.