GorF Video guide

Well, I finally got around to recording and editing a GorF video guide. it’s in two parts as YouTube won’t allow me to upload more than 10 minutes of video.

So, without further ado;

2 Responses to “GorF Video guide”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    Oh please say you have a kit available for sale???? Please? This is such a cool little sequencer. I must have one. I don’t have the technical skill to design one myself, but I can put together kits and I can also follow schematics. If you don’t, do you have any plans to offer it? Thanks!

  2. Peter Ullrich Says:

    After some time I found time to update my Gorf to V1.0. (Thank you for publishing also the Atmel programming files as I still can not update via sysex due to my stupid MIDI interface that sends active sensing all the time and so disturbes the Gord bootloader).

    Wow! Thank you very much for implementing so many features that makes Gorf really “Live usable”!
    Also thank you very much for publishing the source code, beside from learning a lot how you realized the different features I dream of some additional features that I could implement on my own if I have some time…
    Thank you and best wishes for your next project – the DEFENDER.
    Peter Ullrich