The Stick must go

Hughes and Kettner Trilogy Well, I’ve Decided, The stick is going, when it arrives.

One of the main reasons I wanted the stick was to get some melody and chords into my music as my bass really isn’t suited to playing meloday and chords. But after 10 months of waiting I got fed up, and bought myself a guitar (the Risa and then later the variax), I’ve been playing the guitar for a few months now, and I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve been thinking that learning bass, guitar and teaching myself stick might be too much. My time at home with my family is precious to me, and as much as I love my music and my instruments, I love my wife and my dog too!

Add to this that I’m beging to get to grips with the guitar and really into my bass now. I would say, without wishing to sound conceated, I consider myself a better bassist than keyboard player as of the moment. I want to get my guitar skills to a much higher level so I can start recording some of the funk guitar riffs I’ve got in my head, I’m getting there, but it’ll be a few months before I put anything up here for you to listen to.
So, in my effort to take my guitar more seriously, I’ve bought myself a decent guitar amp (the wedge monitor I currently use just doesn’t quite “do it”) . Whilst at music live with the lead guitarist in my band we saw the Hughes and Kettner stand, man what a great sound!

Initially, I was blown away with their Tri-amp MkII, which is three, yes three, classic tube amps in one box, each with two channels (rhythm and solo). But then I thought a bit and remembered that aswell as a nice ‘rock’ amp, I want a ‘clean’ sound for funk guitar when doing rhythm parts, having played with and listened, I decided on the Trilogy, because not only does it have some great sounding over driven channels, but the clean channel is very very smooth and clean (oh, and it’s also half the price of the Tri-amp MkII).
After speaking to a few people, I decided on a Framus FR212-CB cab. Which uses the same speakers (Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers) as the Hughes and Kettner cabs, but is half the size (only two speakers instead of four) and is a lot cheaper.

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  2. ReedSmith Says:

    just saw your blog and what ??
    We have the same GAS and i own similar gear :
    HK Triamp, Boss Micro BR , Variax and so on !!