GorF Version 1.00

Well, it’s finally here.

I’ve managed to get some time this week and put in the last few touches. We now have support for 64 sequences, 8 banks, each with 8 sequences. You’ll need to have the I2C EEPROM to get banks 2 – 8 to work, and they’re a little bit slower when loading and saving, so you’ll get a bit of a hiccup using these, sorry nothing I can do about that.

On this note, loading and saving has changed slightly. Now you push the load button once and you can load a sequence from the current bank. Press the load button again and you can now select the bank. Pushing the load button again, will take you back to sequence selection. To get out of this, push the mode button.

The same is true for the save button, it’s a little different to previous, but it should be fairly intuitive.

To support the fact that you might load “random” sequences from the new EEPROM before you’ve saved anything valid, I’ve included a check for the data in a sequence as far as possible, so you shouldn’t get any steps that are 255 clocks long and a sequence length of 255 steps. If this does happen you’ll see “BAD DATA” on the display and it’ll change the values to some defaults (8 steps, 12 clocks per step length and so on).

There’s also now a “snap” mode for the knobs, so if you have a slightly unstable power supply this should help saving unplanned value jumps when moving around GorF. Pressing step button 1 when in control mode toggles it on/off. When enabled if you turn a knob and it’s above the value you’ll see “hi” if it’s lower you’ll see “lo”, then as you hit the current value, it’ll “snap” and start changing the value.

I’ve updated the GorF downloads page with the new sysex file, the files needed for AVR Studio and also the source code for version 1.00. I’ll be creating a video in a few days time and uploading it to my YouTube page running through each feature.

Unless there’s any major bugs I don’t plan to add any more features. GorF has already gone way beyond what I had originally intended and I have other projects I really want to get moving (like Defender) and now I have the perfect test tool for my bench.

I want to thank everyone who’s purchased a GorF kit I never thought they’d sell so well. I purchased 100 PCBs a year ago and I now only have 5 left. I am amazed at the positive response this project has had and flattered at all the words of support I’ve received, thank you to each and every one of you, you guys made GorF what it is.

3 Responses to “GorF Version 1.00”

  1. James Says:

    Congratulations, Paul. I’m looking forward to your next adventure.

  2. Rickard Says:

    Cant wait for another kit to turnup, you should make a news-mail for when that happens..i want one.^^

  3. Viktor Says:

    Absolutely! I need a GorF. Badly.